When To Water Your Bonsai

Water bonsai frequently

  • Try not to follow a set routine. Your tree’s environment will change: sunny days will dry the soil more quickly, as will the wind if your bonsai is outside; so try to get to know your tree. If the soil feels dry, especially the soil just below the surface, it is time to water. After a while you will be able to tell when your tree needs water just by looking at the soil – dry is a lighter colour than damp soil.
  • When you do water give the tree a good soaking. The roots suck up the water, so make sure the soil at the bottom of the pot receives water, not just the top soil.
  • If the soil reaches the top of the pot, water applied to dry soil may just run off. Water several times within a few minutes – doing so will ensure the water soaks into the soil.
  • Keep watering until some drips through the holes in the bottom the the pot.
  • Water more frequently in the growing season and less when the tree is resting in winter.
  • If your tree is kept outdoors don’t assume a shower of rain will be enough. The rain probably did not reach the roots.
  • Most trees will not last long in dry soil. In their natural environment trees develop long roots which seek out moisture and nutrition. A bonsai is of course kept in a shallow pot, so water frequently. Most trees need water at least once every day.

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