When To Feed Your Bonsai

Our special bonsai foodsWhen and what to feed your bonsai depends on the species of tree.

  • Feed the following trees once per week with a high nitrogen plant food (use our Plantfood 1) from March to the end of June. This plantfood encourages leaf growth. Then switch to a low nitrogen/high potassium feed (use our Plantfood 2) from July to the end of October. This plantfood strengthens the plant for winter. Do not feed during November to end February. Pepper Trees; Serissa; Myrtle; Japanese Holly (Ilex); Japanese Elms; Maples (Acer).
  • Use the same plantfoods but at 2 weekly intervals for Metasequoia (Redwoods); Podocarpus; Fig (Ficus); Larch; Bamboo.
  • And for the following at 3 weekly intervals: Ligustrum.
  • Use the same plantfoods for Chinese Elms but once per month.
  • Bougainvillea: Use our Plantfood 1 and our Plantfood 2 every 2 weeks as above. However, when the flowers cease revert to Plantfood 1 and you should get another flowering..
  • Azaleas need to our Plantfood 3: feed weekly from early March to the end of October. However, do not feed when the tree is flowering, or in winter.

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