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An evergreen indoor bonsai, Bougainvillea produce small white flowers and pink/red 'bracts'. A tree that is happy to live indoors on a sunny windowsill. It will enjoy being outside in summer but this is not necessary.

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An indoor plant, Bougainvillea bonsai trees can be placed outdoors in the summer when the minimum temperature exceeds 10C. This is a flowering tree, although the flowers themselves are very small. Most people confuse the ‘bracts’ with flowers. The bracts are the top most leaves and these turn pink/red in the late spring and summer – they are similar to poinsettias which are popular at Christmas.

The optional Care Pack includes 2 bottles of the Feed suitable for this species of tree; an under tray; and a pair of scissors for trimming the leaves. Your tree will not thrive without regular feeding. If the tree is kept indoors the under tray is useful as it will hold water thereby helping to increase humidity, and will prevent excess water leaking onto the windowsill. We prefer plastic trays as these are larger than the ceramic ones, and the latter can mark your woodwork when wet. The scissors can be used by right handed or left handed people. Each of these items are available separately in the ‘Tools’ pages.

Or you can just add an Under Tray to increase humidity and to catch any drips after watering.

You may order online or by telephone – if you prefer the latter please quote the tree number so we can dispatch the one you see here.

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Approximately 42cm from the base of the pot to the top of the tree. The pot is 21cm.

A Care Sheet is included with every tree sold. The information that follows is a quick guide to give you an idea of the suitability of this species.

Bougainvillea bonsai can be kept indoors all yeare, but can be placed outdoors in summer as long as the minimum temperature exceeds 10C.

Watering: In their natural environment trees have long roots that search for water and nutrition. Bonsai are of course kept in a pot and have shallow roots. They therefore need to be watered every day. Water thoroughly until water drips through the holes in the bottom of the pot. However, do not let the tree become waterlogged as this will affect root growth, so make sure the pot can drain well and not sit in a pool of water.

Feeding: Add liquid feed to water every week during the growing season. Use our Bonsai Plantfood 1 from March to June – this plantfood is high in nitrogen and encourages leaf growth. Then from July to October use Plantfood 2 – this one is high in potassium and lower in nitrogen and will strengthen your tree in preparation for winter. Feed once per month during the winter with Plantfood 2.

Position: Bougainvillea like full sunlight but be careful the tree does not dry out if the sun is too hot.

If you order a tree it will be delivered by courier (DPD). We will send you the tracking number. If the order is placed before 11 o’clock we will dispatch that day (or the next working day if you order during a weekend) and most trees will arrive the next day. However, if the tree is a gift and you prefer it is delivered on a certain date, send us a message telling us when you would like it to be dispatched. Orders for Accessories only are delivered by Royal Mail’s First Class post.

P&P Prices:

  • Tree: UK Mainland, Weekday Delivery – £5.75;
  • Tree: UK Mainland, Saturday Delivery – £12.50;
  • Tree: N. Ireland, Highlands & Islands Weekday Delivery – £10.00;
  • Tree: N. Ireland, Highlands & Islands Saturday Delivery – £13.50;
  • Accessories only: £3.95.

Should you purchase a tree and accessories then the courier rate for trees applies.

Packaging: Your tree is sent in a strong, plain cardboard box with ‘This Way Up’ and ‘Fragile’ labels. The tree is strapped to the bottom of the box so even if the box is upside down for a period of time it should not come to any harm. Some Bonsai shops use smart, printed boxes but this adds about £5 to the cost of the tree and we don’t think that is sensible.