Bonsai Plantfood 1


This special bonsai plantfood is suitable for most trees. Being high in nitrogen it encourages leaf growth and should be used from early march to the end of June.

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Product Description

Suitable for most bonsai, our Plantfood 1 should be used from early March to the end of June. Number 1 is high in nitrogen and encourages leaf growth, just what is needed at that time of year. From early July to the end of October use our Plantfood 2 which is more balanced and which strengthens your tree in preparation for the winter. Do not feed your bonsai in the winter.

Contents 250ml.

Other Types Of Bonsai Plant Food

Add 10ml (2 teaspoons – the bottle cap holds just over 10ml) to your tree’s water at the intervals suggested for your species of tree (every 1-4 weeks). If the soil is dry, just use water first to moisten the soil in case the water runs off. Then add the plantfood to the water, letting it soak into the soil. Try to use all the water/plantfood mixture in one day, if this is not possible use what’s left the next day.

If you order a tree it will be delivered by courier (UPS). We will send you the tracking number. If the order is placed before 11 o’clock we will dispatch that day (or the next working day if you order during a weekend) and nearly all trees will arrive the next day. However, if the tree is a gift and you prefer it is delivered on a certain date, send us a message telling us when you would like it to be dispatched. Orders for Accessories only are delivered by Royal Mail’s First Class post.

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Should you purchase a tree and accessories then the courier rate for trees applies.

Packaging: Your tree is sent in a strong, plain cardboard box with ‘This Way Up’ and ‘Fragile’ labels. The tree is strapped to the bottom of the box so even if the box is upside down for a period of time it should not come to any harm. Some Bonsai shops use smart, printed boxes but this adds about £5 to the cost of the tree and we don’t think that is sensible.

PLEASE NOTE: orders for trees received after 11 o’clock on Thursdays will be despatched on Monday unless you opt for the extra cost for Saturday delivery.