Also known as the Tree of a Thousand Stars, and the Snowrose, the Serissa bonsai is an indoor tree that has lovely star shaped flowers during mid to late summer.

The most prized Serissas have interesting exposed roots, called air roots.

This is a sub-tropical semi evergreen tree which likes a warm humid environment. Being semi-evergreen means the leaves may turn yellow and drop (often as a result of the tree being moved). New leaves will soon appear, but slightly decrease watering should this happen.


  • Position: Keep your tree in good light but not direct sunlight.
  • Watering: Do not let the soil dry out. Water until you see some drip through the holes at the bottom of the pot, then you will know some has reached the roots. Your tree likes high humidity, so spray daily. This will also encourage air roots.
  • Feeding: feed between early March and end October with a good indoor plant food.

All out trees are individually photographed, so the tree you choose in our shop will be the one you receive, not a ‘similar’ one. However, the trees appearance may change slightly depending on the season.

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