Japanese Maple bonsai are perhaps the most spectacular trees. Also known as ‘Acers’, the leaves on these trees change colour as the seasons change, often showing as bright red, green, orange and yellow. Maples are deciduous trees, losing their leaves in winter. However, some species like our Sango Kaku Acers have pink trunks and branches which make them equally fascinating when the trees are bare. Keep outdoors in full sun – although the leaves can get scorched in the hottest midday sun, so protect on the brightest days. Water daily in the growing season, ideally with rainwater or ‘soft’ water as Maple bonsai do not like lime; and every other day in the trees ‘resting’ period. Protect from strong frosts (-10°C). Feed with our Bonsai Plantfood 1 from early March to the end of June – this food is high in nitrogen and encourages leaf growth; then our Plantfood 2 from July to the end of October – this one has a balanced nitrogen/potassium/phosphorous composition which will build up your tree’s strength ahead of winter. Do not feed during winter when the tree is resting. You will find additional advice in the Care section on the sales page, in our Care Guide which accompanies each tree sold; there is also useful information at this website.

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