Ligustrum bonsai treeLigustrum is an evergreen bonsai that can live happily indoors or outdoors all year. A member of the olive family, Ligustrum bonsai are fast growing and easy to care for – a good tree for beginners.

Small white scented flowers will appear in summer, followed by small dark fruit (which is moderately poisonous, so don’t eat it). The flowers grow on new shoots, so if you want flowers do not trim the tree until after flowering.

Each tree is individually photographed, so the tree you see on our sales page is the one you will receive. A Care Sheet is sent with every tree ordered.

Your tree is happy indoors or outdoors all year. If kept indoors make sure:

  • The tree receives good light – it will be happy in direct sunlight.
  • Water most days. Do not let the tree’s roots dry out. Continue to water until you can see some run out of the holes in the bottom of the pot – then you know it has reached the roots.
  • Feed every month during the growing season. Ideally use a high nitrogen feed in March – June (this encourages leaf growth), and a low nitrogen/high potassium feed in July-October. If these are not available an indoor plant food will do.

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