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ficus ginseng bonsai treeVery popular quirky bonsai trees with fascinating root structures! Semi-evergreen – will keep its leaves most of the year. It is normal for leaves to turn yellow and drop soon after receipt as these trees don’t like to move. New leaves will soon appear.

Ficus Ginseng was the Indoor Plant of the Year in 2015.

If you would rather display your Ficus Ginseng in a traditional flower pot/planter, go to our dedicated site for Ficus Ginseng plants where you will find a large selection of plants and a choice of planters.


  • Position: An indoor bonsai which is not too fussy about light, although it doesn’t like direct sunlight.
  • Watering: Ficus Ginseng need to be watered less than other bonsai, probably every 4-5 days, less in winter. Don’t let the compost dry out. Water until you see some run out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, that way you know some have reached the roots.
  • Feeding: Feed between March and October with a good indoor plantfood.

Some purists say Ficus Ginseng are not true bonsai, but as the word bonsai means ‘tree in a pot’, that argument doesn’t really hold true. Anyway, these trees are great fun.

Ideal for beginners.