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Chinese Elm trees are deciduous and lose their leaves around this time of year. Most of our stock have lost their leaves and the rest will follow soon. You can of course still buy them, but be aware you will be buying a twig! New leaves will start to appear in a few weeks.

Chinese Elm bonsai treeThe Chinese Elm is the most popular bonsai and is especially suitable for beginners. The tree is deciduous, losing its leaves during winter, but new tiny leaves will appear in spring. Chinese Elm bonsai can be kept indoors or outdoors, although it will appreciate long spells outdoors in summer. Protect from heavy frosts.


  • Water whenever the soil is dry but do not allow your tree to be in permanently soggy soil. Wait until you see water running out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, then you will know it has reached the roots.
  • Chinese Elms appreciate a rest in winter. When the leaves drop it is dormant. Ideally leave your tree outdoors for a month to let it revive. If that is not possible, place in the coolest room. Light is not important during the dormancy period, but water every couple of weeks.
  • Feed once per month from March to October. Ideally use a high nitrogen feed in March-June (this will encourage leaf growth), and a low nitrogen/high potassium feed in July-October. If this is not possible, a good indoor plantfood will do.

All our trees are individually photographed, so the tree you receive will be the one you see choose, not a ‘similar one’.

There is more information about the care of your tree on the sales page, in the Care Guide that accompanies every tree, and at this site.