Bougainvillea bonsai are rare. Usually evergreen, although the tree will lose its leaves if the temperature falls below 5°C. These lovely trees should be kept indoors, although you can take them outside in the summer once the overnight temperatures are high enough.

Bougainvillea flower in late spring, summer and autumn. The flowers themselves are tiny and what most people assume are the flowers are in fact ‘bracts’, which are really leaves that surround the flower and these change colour. You are probably familiar with Poinsettias around Christmas – their ‘flowers’ are bracts, green leaves that turn red.

Bonsai Care
Let the tree dry out, then water thoroughly. Your tree will probably need water every 2-3 days, but less frequently in winter. If you place your tree outside in summer, daily watering will probably be needed, certainly in a hot sun. If the soil is dry your first attempt at watering will probably run off. Wait 30 seconds and water again, it should then sink into the soil. When you see water coming through the holes in the bottom of the pot you will know your tree’s roots have water. Feed every 2 weeks from March to the end of October. Stop feeding when the tree is in flower, then start again when the flowers drop off to encourage another flowering.

We include a Care Guide for every tree we sell. You can also find valuable information about bonsai, including Bougainvilleas, at Bonsai Empire.

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