We believe our bonsai plantfoods are the best available. Plantfood 1 is high in nitrogen and should be used for most trees between March and the end of June. This one will encourage leaf growth – just what is needed at that time of year. Plantfood 2 is more balanced: lower in nitrogen and higher in potassium, and should be used from early July to the end of October. This food will strengthen your tree in the run up to winter. Plantfood 3 is for ericaceous or lime hating trees like Azaleas and Camellias. Number 3 should be used from early March to the end of October but don’t feed your tree when it is flower. Do not feed bonsai during winter.

Other bonsai plantfoods tend to have unrealistic instructions – for example add one teaspoon full to one litre of water. That will feed about 20+ trees, fine if you have that large a collection, but a waste if you have just one or two. Our dilution instructions are more sensible!

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