Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Mature Japanese Acer BonsaiWe photograph each of our bonsai trees, so the tree you receive will be the one you see on our site (unlike most other websites!). You may buy at our website or by telephone, if you prefer to talk to someone please quote the SKU number on the sales page so we can ensure you are sent the correct tree.

Outdoor bonsai trees are easier to look after than their indoor relatives – after all a tree’s natural environment is outdoors. Information on how to care for your bonsai can be found elsewhere on the site, and we include a fact sheet on how to care for your particular tree with every order. So if you are giving the tree as a gift the new owner will know how to water, feed, prune, and the best place to keep their tree. Outdoor bonsai can be brought indoors for short periods – for example a weekend, but no longer.

Most bonsai are deciduous and will loose their leaves in winter, but don’t worry, new leaves will appear in the spring, and the bare tree will still look attractive without its leaves. Just remember to keep watering the tree, and move to a warmer environment in the event of very hard frosts – details on our Bonsai Care page and in the fact sheet which we supply with each tree.

Maple (Acer) Bonsai Trees

Japanese Maples (Acer)

Japanese azalea trees - mostly Satsuki species

Japanese Azaleas
Deciduous, Flowering

Forest of 9 Dawn Redwood bonsai trees

Deciduous – SOLD OUT

Japanese Holly (Ilex) trees

Japanese Holly
Flowering, Evergreen

Buxus bonsai tree

Buxus or Box Bonsai
Flowering, Evergreen

Nadina - Bamboo trees - group of 5

Bamboo Bonsai