Outdoor Bonsai Trees

These bonsai live in their natural environment: outdoors. Which is a shame, as many species flower and look spectacular in bloom, and it is pity not to enjoy them indoors.

You could get away with bringing a flowering tree indoors for a few days, but beware: they do not get enough light indoors and will not be happy. Indeed, deprive them of sufficient light for too long and they will die.

Advice for newbies: don’t assume outdoor trees will get enough water from rainfall. Your tree is in a shallow pot and the soil will not store much rain, so water when needed and make sure it reaches the roots – the best way is to water until it drips through the holes in the bottom of the container.


Japanese Satsuki Bonsai

Katsura Maples



Flowers in Summer

Deshojo Maples

Lipstick red in Spring

Chinese Elm

Popular Bonsai