There’s A Choice Of Pots/Planters

Our Ficus Ginseng plants come in a standard flower pot. If you already have a planter into with the plant and pot can be placed, fine. If not, there is a black plastic pot with an integral drip tray, and there’s a choice of ceramic planters by Ivyline that you may wish to consider, especially if the Ficus Ginseng is a gift.

The standard pot measures 12cm in diameter and is 9cm high.

ficus ginseng tree in a white ceramic planter

White Ceramic Planter

ficus ginseng plant in a charcoal ceramic planter

Charcoal Ceramic Planter

ficus ginseng in a green ceramic planter

Mint Green Ceramic Planter

ficus ginseng plant in a grey ceramic planter

Grey ceramic Planter

Black Plastic Pot With Integral Drip Tray

Basic Black Plastic Plant Pot – If You Already Have A Planter