Bonsai Trees That Will Grow Indoors

Mature Chinese Elm BonsaiOver 200 indoor bonsai trees – each individual tree has been photographed so the tree you will receive is the tree you see on the sales page (unlike most other websites!). You can place your order at the website or by telephone: if you prefer to talk to someone please quote the SKU number shown on the sales page so we can ensure you receive the correct tree.

Indoor Bonsai trees are increasing in popularity and make great gifts, and with care these trees should last for many years: 20+ years is common. Each tree we supply is accompanied by a care sheet giving full details of how to look after that specific type of tree: including watering, pruning, the best place to keep your tree, feeding, and repotting. Advice on bonsai care is available on this site so you can check before you buy, and if you are giving the tree as a gift the care sheet supplied with every tree will guide the new owner.

Most indoor trees are deciduous and will lose their leaves for a short while in winter, but the bare trees are still attractive and new leaves will soon appear. Just remember to keep watering! During winter your tree will not need feeding – we supply full instructions on caring for your species of tree.

Chinese Elm bonsai

Chinese Elm

Ficus bonsai - also known as Fig

Fig (Ficus)

Bougainvillea bonsai

Sold Out

Variegated Serissa trees

Variegated Serissa
Sold Out

Pepper Tree

Pepper Tree
Deciduous, Flowering

Ligustrum Bonsai


Myrtle Bonsai

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Podocarpus Bonsai


Japanese Elm Bonsai

Japanese Elm

Japanese Holly or Ilex bonsai trees

Japanese Holly
Evergreen, Flowering