Frequently Asked Questions

Ficus don’t like to move home! It is quite normal for some leaves to turn yellow and drop off soon after you receive your bonsai. New ones will soon appear, and your tree will settle into its new home.
If we receive your order before 11 0’clock we will dispatch your tree that day or the next working day if you order at the weekend. We use UPS and the courier delivers 98% of packages the next day. Accessories ordered at the same time as a tree will be included in the same box. Those ordered separately will be sent by Royal Mail’s First Class post.
It is tempting as they look so lovely! Your azalea bonsai should be alright indoors as long as you keep it well watered – spray it regularly to add humidity. Your azalea could probably be kept indoors all year, however it is important that the tree returns to its natural environment after flowering as it is particularly important for azaleas to be outdoors in lower temperatures in winter in order for the new buds to set. An azalea kept indoors all year will not flower again. For more information about keeping bonsai indoors read our bog article.
You will find advice on other sites that bonsai trees need a high nitrogen plant food in the early months of the growing season, but these sites don’t sell such a plant food! We do.
I recently saw a 50+ year old azalea bonsai, and I have read about a 200+ year old bougainvillea bonsai. Properly cared for your tree will live for many, many years.
We use the strongest boxes we can find. We fix the tree to the bottom of the box with cable ties to stop it moving during transit. We also use ‘Fragile’ tape, and ‘This Way Up’ labels. We also avoid the cheaper couriers who I think are mostly frustrated footballers and kick the parcels! Finally, we also don’t send trees on a Friday unless the customer has opted for Saturday delivery, this ensures the tree won’t spend the whole weekend in darkness in the box.