Christmas Is Coming!

OK, maybe not yet, but some people are starting their festive shopping. If you are thinking of giving someone a bonsai tree there are a number of things to consider:

  • Where will the tree be kept? Some trees are happy living indoors, others are not and will soon die if placed in an environment that is too hot or poorly lit. So that’s the first decision: an indoor bonsai or an outdoor bonsai.
  • Does the recipient of your gift have any experience of growing bonsai trees? Most bonsai are easy to care for as long as one follows the advice given in our Care Sheet that accompanies every sale. Above all a bonsai has two important needs: water and light. Remember a bonsai lives in a shallow pot. It is quite happy there, but the soil is not deep and will not store much water, so frequent watering is a must, often every day. Most species need bright light, although not direct sunlight. If light is a problem go for the Ficus tree as that one will tolerate less light. A windowsill is an ideal place most of the year, but these are often above radiators which could overheat the tree and will certainly lower the humidity, so a daily spray or misting will be much appreciated by the tree. Trees also need feeding but only every 2-4 weeks depending on the species.

Bonsai trees make great gifts that should last for many years – over 20 is common.

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