Bougainvilleas In Bloom!

Our Bougainvillea bonsai are either in full bloom or the flowers are just starting to appear. In fact the flowers are tiny and are white, the red/pink ‘flowers’ are in fact ‘bracts’. You may see Poinsettia plants at Christmas, they have red or pink bracts. The bracts are actually leaves that turn red or pink.

Our Bougainvillea bonsai can be kept indoors all year, or indoors in the winter and outside in the summer as long as the temperature stays above 5°C.

They are happier outside in summer as they get more sunlight (window glass cut out a lot of light), but this isn’t essential and if you live in a flat with a sunny windowsill don’t let that stop you enjoying a Bougainvillea. You can view our current stock of these lovely trees by clicking here.

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