Indoor & Outdoor Bonsai Trees

We offer a wide selection of bonsai trees for beginners through to more mature trees for collectors. All of our trees have been individually photographed – so the tree you receive is the one you see, although as the months go by the foliage will change.

Indoor bonsai tree
Outdoor bonsai trees
ficus ginseng

Which Species Of Tree Should You Choose?

The first decision to make is where will you keep your tree?

  • Indoor Bonsai don’t like the cold and will die if left outside in freezing temperatures. However, they don’t like it too hot either so try to avoid placing your tree too near a radiator. Don’t worry, the Care Leaflet that will accompany your tree will give you ideal temperature ranges, when to water and feed etc. Most indoor tress are happy to spend time outside in the summer.
  • Outdoor Bonsai need more light than is available indoors – even the glass in a south facing window will cut out 25% of the sunshine. Most will tolerate a mild frost, but in the event of very low temperatures move your tree to an unheated greenhouse, shed or garage.
  • Ficus Ginseng are fascinating trees with quirky root structures. we offer a choice of pots and planters.

We specialise in indoor bonsai that are easy to care for, particularly Chinese Elm bonsai and Ficus Ginseng. Both are ideal for beginners, whereas some other species can be more difficult to care for – or even to keep alive! The aforementioned are particularly suitable if you are giving the tree as a gift.

Each tree is individually photographed, so the tree you see on the sales page is the one you will receive.

It’s like choosing a partner: don’t just go by looks and shape, make sure you and your tree are well suited!

The most popular trees are shown below, or click on an image above or use the Navigation Menu to learn more and view our range of trees.

Popular Trees

Ficus Ginseng

Indoor bonsai with quirky roots

Carmona – Fukien Tea Tree

Flowering indoor bonsai

Tree of a Thousand Stars

Flowering Indoor Tree


Easy care

Chinese Elm

Most popular indoor bonsai

Ficus Retusa (Fig)

Easy care evergreen tree

Borgainvillea Bonsai

Flowering indoor tree

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